Moxion is pioneering mobile energy storage to change the way we move energy through our environment.

We have the power to change the way the world operates and we take that responsibility seriously. Building a culture of collaboration and innovation is essential to effecting change in the world around us. Moxion’s technology and business model put us in a unique position to help build a cleaner future for everyone.

Moxion Team

Paul Huelskamp
Alex Meek
Alex Smith
Josh Ensign
Chief Bark Officer
Jed Mickle
VP, Facilities
Andrew Noonan
VP, Software Engineering
Charles Shin
VP, Manufacturing
Collette Zaro
Head of People
Dan Gallmeister
Director, Advanced Manufacturing
Vera Neinken
Director of Finance
Isaac Burrough
Office Manager
MacKenzie Hridel
Manufacturing Engineer
Dan Schabb
Senior Prototype Engineer
Ashley Reilly
Mechanical Engineer
Auston Kowarsky
Prototype Fabricator & Machinist
Nigil Lee
Embedded Systems Software Engineer
Ed Yankoski
Senior Staff Designer, R&D
Brandon Loeb
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Silvio Perez
Mechanical Engineer
Michael Funk
Mechanical Engineer
Steven Yankoski
Intern, Hardware Engineering
Arun Vinayak
Senior Supply Chain Manager
Archer Chapin
Global Supply Chain Manager
Peter Barron
Operations Analyst, Supply Chain
Andrea Dawson
Technical Sourcer
Vasooda Kumar
Recruiting Coordinator
Derrick Daarud
Production Technician
Brad Withorn
Systems Integration & Test Manager


Electrify the future with us