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  • Do you have Bates courtesy outlets?

    We suggest using a distro box or bates to cam adaptors. We do not provide bates courtesy outlets.

  • Can I monitor the unit's performance?

    Yes, we offer monitoring on the unit interface as well as on our MoxiOS app.

  • Will this impact the tuning of my instruments (such as a hammond organ)?

    Our power output generates a clean sine wave or frequency controlled by a computer, matching your musical instrument's 60 Hz engine perfectly to avoid any tuning issues. Voltage drop due to line loss can still affect amplified instruments. To prevent tripping the system and shutting off, we decrease voltage when you approach our system's limits, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

  • Does this work with dimmers?

    The unit is capable of handling dimming and brightening tungsten, HMI, and LED lights with no noted issues.

  • How long would this run my basecamp?

    If you have multiple trailers and they require power at either 240 V or 208 V, the amount of power they pull will determine how long they can run on our unit. Assuming your basecamp is using our peak current of 100 A at 240 V, the unit will be able to run that load for approximately 22 hours. However, if your basecamp is using that same peak current of 100 A across 3 lines in 208 V, you'll be able to run that load for about 14-15 hours. In 208 V, 3 A is a bit more than 1 kW. Our useable capacity is 530 kWh, so a 3 A load would last a bit less than 530 hours. In 240 V, 8 A is slightly less than 1 kW, so an 8 A load would last around 530 kWh. In a makeup trailer with approximately 8 stalls, all with hair dryers in use, this can easily consume up to 20 kW of power just from that equipment alone.

  • Does this only work with LED lights?

    The Moxion units should work with any piece of film equipment lighting that can run with a current under 100 A. This can include LED lights, as well as Tungsten or HMIs.

  • How did you run 3 x Arri 18ks simultaneously?.

    By using a stepdown to 208 V while the unit was outputting 480 V. This gave us access to the amps necessary to run 3 18ks simultaneously. For more information follow the steps below.

    1. Set the unit's voltage mode to 480 V, and run a banded camlock cable to a stepdown transformer that outputs at 208 V.
    2. Run the camlock cable from the stepdown transformer to a Distro Box which has 3 100 A Bates connections.
    3. Set up the ARRI 18K HMI head & ballast box and plug each ballast box into the distro box. Ensure each ballast box is set to 60 Hz.
    4. Turn on the unit to STANDBY & confirm 480V voltage mode with Switch 1.
    5. Turn unit to run and switch the unit's main breaker to the ON position.
    6. When all lines are active and the stepdown's breaker is on, switch on each bates breaker.
    7. Switch on each ballast box.
    8. Strike the first light and allow it to come to temperature and dim to 50%.
    9. Strike the next light and also dim to 50%.
    10. Strike the final head and allow to warm up to full.
    11. Once all heads are on, bring the two dimmed heads to 100%.
    12. For a single 18k running at 208 V direct from the unit, set and confirm the unit's voltage mode is in 208V while in STANDBY before switching the unit's main breaker on and switching the unit to RUN. Connect via camlocks on any 2 lines and power on the ballast. Then, ensure the ballast is set to 60 Hz. And finally, with the ballast's dimmer at 100%, strike and warm up the light.
    13. For a single 18k running at 240 V directly from the unit, set and confirm the unit's voltage mode is in 240 V while in STANDBY, then switch to RUN. Connect via camlocks on Lines 1 & 2 and power on the ballast. Then, ensure the ballast is set to 60 Hz. And finally, with the ballast's dimmer at 100%, strike and warm up the light.
  • What film equipment have you already successfully powered?

    The Moxion units have powered a variety of basecamp trailers, including hair, makeup and costume trailers, lunch boxes, crafty, changing rooms, and honey wagons. It has also powered the overnight work trucks. On set, Moxion units have powered full LED sets, including condors, camera villages, snow machines, and balloon lights. It has also powered 18k HMIs, 6k Tungstens, and several M90s.

  • What is the MPU's max. amperage output at 480V, 208V and 110V respectively?

    The max is 100A per phase. If the MPU produces anything above that, we will drop the voltage to help it ride through transient loads. If it is sustained, we will shut off.

    • 480 V: 75 kW max, 40 kW continuous
    • 240 V: 24 kW max, 24 kW continuous
    • 208 V: 35 kW max, 35 kW continuous.
  • Can the MPU simultaneously power equipment with different voltage requirements?

    Our main inverter operates independently of our auxiliary inverter and charging circuits. This means that you can run the main inverter at 480 V, 208 V, or 240 V, while the auxiliary inverter will always provide 208 V and the charging inlet can take 240 V. If the camlocks are supplying power at 480 V, the twist locks will be disabled, and the reverse is also true. The convenience outlets are always available to provide power at 110/120 V.

  • Can the MPUs be moved with a Telehandler and/or Crane, or are they vehicle tow only?

    You can use rigging equipment in a way that adheres to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Use only lifting equipment that can handle the full unit weight. Only lift the unit by attaching the rigging to the four hoist rings on top of the unit. The minimum horizontal angle for lifting is 50 degrees.

  • How do you recharge the MPU?

    The charging plug used by our electric vehicles is CCS1, which allows us to accept a maximum of 19.2 kW from a level 2 AC charger or 40kW from a DC fast charger. However, please note that when the unit is powering a load, charging capacity is limited to level 2 and 19.2 kW (in the case of a series hybrid). For full instructions on how to charge the MPU, please see our MP75/600 User Manual.

  • Does the MPU make noise when it's operating?

    Yes, however its virtually silent relative to any combustion generation. Noise level: <40 dB from 3.3 ft (1 m)

  • How do we know if the MPU is operating correctly?

    The unit's display screen or MoxiOS application will display fault warnings if there are any operational concerns.

  • What size is the MPU's trailer hitch?

    The MPU is mounted on a twin-axle trailer that is towed using a standard class 5 pintle hitch.

  • What does 75kW translate to in generator size?

    Our units run at a power factor of 1.0 where diesel generators are typically rated in kVA and then a 0.8 power factor is applied. So if you back it out, we would be equivalent to a "93 kVA generator" from a power perspective. For capabilities, we can provided 100A per phase. That means 200 A total at 240 V/1P (24 kW), 300 A total at 208 V/3P (36 kW), and 300A at 480 V/3P (>75 kW). If you need more power at 208 V, an external 480 V / 208 V step down transformer can be used to double the amperage to 600 A total at 208 V.

  • Can the unit grid tie?

    No, but we can charge from the grid through a typical EV style plug using J1772 AC chargers up to 240 V - 80 A or 19.2 kW or a DC fast charge station up to 40 kW.

  • How heavy is it?

    The MPU with trailer is approximately 12,500 lbs.

  • What L2 chargers do Moxion recommend for recharging the unit?

    We have done compatibility testing with Autel, Juicebox, Wallbox, Blink, and the list continues to grow.

  • How many Level 2 (40amp) EV chargers can you hook up to the unit

    Running at 208 V, you can connect up to qty. 3 40 A Level 2 Chargers directly to our twist locks.

  • What L2 charging units are recommended by Moxion to charge EV vehicles (chargepoint, empiria, juicebox, Tesla WC, Rivian WC, Lucid WC?

    We have done compatibility testing with Autel, Juicebox, Wallbox, Blink, and the list continues to grow.

  • Can you hook up the unit to a DCDC charger, if so what units does Moxion recommend

    We have done compatibility testing with Tritium, Autel, Heliox, ABB, and the list continues to grow.

  • What is the max DCDC kWh you can provide to an EV vehicle

    The max DC charge rate is 40 kW.

  • Can you hook up the unit to a multiple solar panels to charge up the unit (solar inputs)?

    Yes, but the solar panels need to be connected to a Level 2 or DCDC EV charger unit, which can then be plugged into our unit. This will require some effort to set up.

  • Can you charge and discharge at the same time?

    Yes, you can charge level 2 AC up to 19.2 kW (240 V - 80 A) while outputting power. No, you can not DC charge while outputting power.

  • Can you drain the unit to 0% SOC?

    Yes, but this is not recommended. You should charge soon after fully discharging the unit to prevent permanent damage to the battery pack.