Hello clean power.

Meet the MP-75, the intelligent mobile battery built to replace diesel generators.

Battery Pack

Prioritizing safety
and performance.


Realtime telematics for
intelligent insights.


Software defined Hardware.

World-class efficiency.

Virtually Silent

Library quiet,
off-road ready.

Made in

Designed and manufactured in California.

MP-75 Technical Specifications

  • Continuous Power

    40 kW @ 480V/3P

  • 35 kW @ 208V/3P

  • 24 kW @ 240V/1P

  • Max Power

    75 kW @ 480V/3P

  • 35 kW @ 208V/3P

  • 24 kW @ 240V/1P

  • Max Phase Current

    100 A @ 480V/3P

  • 100 A @ 208V/3P

  • 100 A @ 240V/1P

  • Usable Energy

    530 kWh

  • DC Charge Time

    ~13 hours

  • Run time @ avg load

    40 kVA = ~12 hours

  • 20 kVA = ~24 hours

  • 10 kVA = ~48 hours

  • Frequency


  • Unit Dimensions

    ~163” x 69” x 79” (LxWxH)

  • Unit Weight

    ~12,000 pounds

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

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    Gain real-time insights from remote telematics.

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  • How can I purchase an MP-75?

    Reach out and we’ll get you the details.

  • How can I rent from Energy Services?

    Send your info so we can keep you updated as Energy Services expands.

  • Can I run the MP-75 paired with an existing generator?

    Absolutely, powering your equipment via the MP-75 and running a generator for a few hours a day to recharge is a great way to increase efficiency and should result in fuel savings of up to 80%. It also ensures you can run your generator at peak efficiency, with all power being captured and minimal emissions due to wet stacking.

  • How long does a full charge on the MP-75 last?

    It all depends on your power needs, but one charged unit is capable of running an average American home for about a month, or a typical construction site for about a week assuming standard equipment.

  • How many times could an MP-75 charge a cell phone?

    Most phones have a battery capacity of ~2,000 mAh, which the MP-75 could charge around 96,720 times.

  • Are you going to release additional products?

    Definitely! We've got several new products in the portfolio, sign up for updates.